When Carine Lopes, devastated, separated from her husband in 2015, she searched in her memory for what joy in her life she could hold on to. And she remembers: “Three years earlier, I had organized the meeting of Marielle and Thierry, two clients of my salon, who kept telling me that they owed me their happiness.” With an altruistic temperament, Carine then offers her single clients to fill out a profile sheet that would allow her to put them in touch!

“I listen to them, and I identify their personalities because they sometimes have trouble describing themselves, helped by my three years of psychology done in parallel with my hairdressing studies. Like many of them, I did fees for “dating apps”. This is indeed where her ex-husband spent his time cheating on his profile. In any case, Carine’s idea works! After a few months, she widened the idea to non-clients, on the condition of coming to meet her in person in her salon in Seine-et-Marne (in particular via her site lesalon-larencontre-autrement.fr).

“I now have in my files over 3,000 singles”

The success is immediate. Carine is still surprised: “The first year, at 300 records, my memory was enough for me to have ideas for matches! But with the media coverage in several TV reports, then my book, I now have in my files more than 3 000 singles!” Fortunately, it can continue to tilt. “But I don’t send a photo upstream, because a being is something to be desired and loved, the encounter is an alchemy”, she specifies.

For six years, the fairy of love has started organizing events in romantic places, with an elegant dress code and gender parity that she ensures. “I also respect the balance of ages and favor proximity by limiting myself to Paris and the Paris region. No need to meet someone with whom distance could complicate the story.”

She also found love, but not through her mission. “That wouldn’t be ethical!”

The price? Just that of the expense generated by an event. “I don’t earn anything. My only reward is to have formed hundreds of couples. Today, out of gratitude, some are part of my staff during the evenings”, she smiles with the joy of a teenager who does not say anything about his 60 years.

It must be said that she herself has found love! An irreducible celibacy, childless, knew how to tame the wounded woman made suspicious, and vice versa. But not through his marital mission… “It wouldn’t be ethical!” she exclaims. . Now, he’s the one who has ideas for matches!” When Carine is asked what upsets her, the reply fuses: “Don’t let me know! I sometimes learn years later that people presented are together…” Happiness makes no noise.

TESTIMONY. "In life, I comb heads and marry hearts!"

Carine Lopes © DR

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