A 30-year-old woman will soon become a mother thanks to a childhood friend’s sperm donation. Only problem? The latter has said absolutely nothing to his wife!

Julia* always thought she would never have children because of her sexual orientation. As an asexual, the young woman feels no sexual desire. Over time, the 30-year-old realized she was in a stable enough situation to raise a baby on her own. The mother-to-be therefore decided to have recourse to in vitro fertilization (IVF). After explaining to a former friend from high school that she did not want to use sperm from a stranger, he offered to be his donor, which she accepted, specifying however that he would have no rights. . After signing the papers, she became pregnant with twin girls.

This pretty story could have ended there, but as Julia clarified on Reddit, her childhood friend did not tell his wife about their agreement. The 30-year-old, who is currently 33 weeks pregnant, realized this after inviting the couple to dinner to thank them. At first confused, the wife quickly became angry when she learned the truth. His companion explained that he had not considered it necessary to speak to him about it as he has no rights over the children: “His wife said that she was not comfortable with the idea that their 6-year-old son has sisters who aren’t really sisters. She wants that part of the contract changed so that her husband has legal rights over the girls.” And to add that half of his friend reproached him for not having raised the subject with her.

Netizens blame the childhood friend

Julia clarified that she would never have accepted the offer of her childhood friend if she had known that his wife did not know. In the comments, netizens came to the mom-to-be’s defense, damning the married man. “It wasn’t your responsibility to talk to his wife about it – it was his. It’s his problem, not yours. Stand firm about the deal you made with him – his wife didn’t not have a say”, “How could you have known that he had not said anything? Clearly, he never intended to do so. You do not read minds, you could not know” we could read under the publication. Some people also advised him to hire a lawyer.

*Name has been changed.


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