A first name is for life. Also, for parents, what a delicate mission before the birth of their child! Finding a name whose meaning will not pursue your child growing up but that he can cherish and appreciate, is far from easy!

Online, a mother anonymously confided in the name she had chosen for her little girl. A first name which, from now on, leads him to think that the life of his child will be ruined by his fault.

another meaning

On the Mumsnet site, the lost mother spoke to other parents in the hope of gathering some valuable advice. Indeed, when her daughter was born, she named her Alexia. A relatively normal first name but which she now regrets. “At the time of his birth, I was aware of the term dyslexia but it was not as well known as it is now,” she wrote. “It never occurred to us that alexia was also a medical term,” she added.

Only one first name possible

When this mother and her companion are looking for a first name for their daughter, they have trouble finding common ground. In the end, the only one they can agree on is this one. “We found out it stood for ‘Men Defenders’ and we thought that was a good meaning,” she slipped. On the other hand, the medical term means “the inability to understand written documents”. But now, the mother is worried about this second meaning.

An obsessive question

“She is 8 years old and I am constantly obsessed with the choice we made to the point that I am not sure that I also made a mistake with her middle name: DC” she continued. Now she is trying to find a solution. “She can’t be called Alexa either for obvious reasons,” she pointed out. “It made my anxiety worse with all the negative comments about those two names,” she lamented. If the mother would like to change her first name, her daughter, on the other hand, does not seem to care.

A perfectly normal first name

“I have the impression that I would like to change but she likes her name and does not want the second or another” she declared. “She’s not aware of the negative connotations but maybe she’ll find out one day,” she said, asking if she was right or wrong. In the comments following his message, many saw the first name Alexia, no problem. “It’s not that bad but I’ll start calling her Lexi, which I think is kinda cute,” one parent suggested. A second noted, “That’s a perfect name, you’re worrying for nothing,” to which a third person agreed, slipping, “That’s a beautiful name.” I don’t see what your problem is.” A fourth concluded: “There is an Alexia in the class of one of my children. I don’t know what’s wrong with that name? I don’t understand ? “.

TESTIMONY I'm afraid I've ruined my daughter's life with the first name I gave her


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