Age is just a number! It is not Nicole Downs and Michael who will contradict this famous adage. At 22, the young woman spins the perfect love with her companion, 54 years old. Content creator based in Michigan, United States, the beautiful blonde does not hesitate to display her relationship on social networks. Especially on TikTok where she proudly assumes the 33 years that separate them. The lovebirds have also become accustomed to sharing their daily lives. Internet users were thus able to discover more about their beautiful unique romance.

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In a series of short videos, Nicole explains that she met Michael on the Tinder application. At the time, the young woman was only 18 years old and the one who covets her has just turned 51. A very large age difference that does not prevent them from getting to know each other better. Love at first sight is then immediate. After six months of relationship, they decide to formalize things. “We have been dating since 2018 and we have lived together for 3 and a half years. We are best friends” specifies the beautiful blonde. And to add: “We are happy despite what people think. I can’t imagine my life without him.”

An age gap that makes people react

Nicole and Michael have extended their family with a little ball of fur. Indeed, they adopted a cat named Grizzy. “We are happier and more complicit than ever,” says the young woman. A romance that is not unanimous on the Web. In the comments, some internet users criticize the influencer, accusing her of dating the 50-year-old for his money. Others are confused, convinced it was his father. Fortunately, the couple can count on the support of their followers: “Don’t let anyone stop your story. As long as you’re happy, age doesn’t matter.”

TESTIMONY I'm 22 and my boyfriend is 54


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