Kevin is adamant. This 42-year-old single father refuses to date ugly women. “I don’t like ugly women. I’m not saying I’m Brad Pitt, but I know I can attract reasonable women,” he told Britain’s The Sun. The machinist, originally from Methil in Scotland, assumes his very specific standards in love. “Basically, I want my girlfriend to be a diamond in the rough,” he says. His preferences? A woman with long hair, loose rather than up. He also wants her to be very attractive and endowed with strong breasts.

Kevin is convinced he will find the right one. To achieve this, the Scot has sworn to himself never to make concessions even if it means being on his own: “It becomes harder to find someone if you are only looking for the high end looks. “It’s complicated, especially since these women are also coveted by other men. I don’t want to settle for the second best choice. I realize that I could be alone for a long time.” The forties, who shares his daily life with his dog on TikTok, has been intermittently single for three years now.

“So ugly women are lucky”

Determined to find the one who will tick all the boxes of his criteria, Kevin turned to dating applications. In vain. The Scot did not meet with the expected success: “A lot of women just don’t reply to you. The majority never message you. If you receive a reply from a girl, I can guarantee that she will not won’t be very pretty.” Deemed misogynistic, the statements of the forty-year-old aroused strong reactions. Many Internet users criticized his macho speech. “Your diagnosis? Superficial”, “Ugly women are therefore lucky” reads on the Web.

TESTIMONY I'd rather stay single than date ugly women


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