“It’s never too early, it’s always too late”, said Nietzsche. A mantra that this man seems to have adopted, he who intends to charge rent to his 8-year-old son-in-law. An approach to which the mother of the latter opposes, pushing the man to question the Web on the merits of his reasoning. “Am I an asshole for wanting to charge an 8-year-old child rent?” he asked on Reddit before adding: “He gets £25 pocket money a week, which is £ per month, for washing the dishes, tidying up the room, etc. Now, I would like to charge him £16 a month for rent. Which leaves him with £65.”

A desire not really shared by the boy’s mother, who believes that the latter “is too young and that his money should belong to him”. But then, why does the man insist that his 8-year-old stepson put his hand in the wallet? “My intention is to teach him how to manage his money, because it is something very important to me”, he explains before specifying: “I did not think of the consequences if he cannot pay the rent’. There probably wouldn’t be.”

Internet users disapprove of the idea of ​​rent

Unsurprisingly, Internet users did not really buy into his way of proceeding. “Better open a savings account for the kid and teach him how to save money instead. Not just take money from him and call it ‘rent’,” said one. “The only positive outcome I can see in this story is if, on his 18th birthday, you surprise him by revealing to him that you have been keeping the money for him all this time,” another said. . “Yes, you are an asshole. Gotta do better than that. The idea is good but you have it all wrong about the execution lol”, assures a third.

“£25 a week sounds like a lot. But you’re still an asshole because it’s also important to teach children that there are things that the family does for free. You don’t charge rent, but you don’t have to pay for every chore either. I’m not going to pay my child to tidy up his room, but I will if he helps me carry the garbage to the dump”, explains a last.

TESTIMONY I would like to make my 8 year old son-in-law pay rent and here are my reasons


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