Would you dare ask an older colleague out? This is the question that a young man recently asked himself.

In a letter to Coleen Nolan, wellness coach for The Daily Mirror, Jonathan (not his first name) explained his dilemma. The young man would like to invite his older colleague to go out but hesitates to take the plunge: “I am a boy in his twenties and my colleague is a woman in her forties, who I find very sexy. It amuses my friends that I have a crush on her because she is old enough to be my mother but I have never met someone my age who I like. She is intelligent, very attractive and assertive. Would I look like a silly if I take the first step? Is it better not to try anything since she’s a co-worker? I’d love to hear your opinion.”

More honest than ever, Coleen Nolan admitted that she would be very flattered if a young man found her attractive: “It would boost my ego.” However, the wellness coach said she would be uncomfortable with the big age difference: “My eldest son is older than you and I would find it weird dating someone his age. I think I would have a hard time finding commonalities between us.” The British journalist, however, wanted to reassure Jonathan by telling him: “It’s only my opinion. If your colleague is single and wants to have fun without pressure or expectations, she may be up for it.”

An important caveat about co-worker relationships

Coleen Nolan also warned Jonathan about his evolving relationship with his co-worker: “I think you might run into a problem if your romance gets serious and you’re both at different stages in your life, or if one of you wants a more serious romance than the other.” And to add that the only way to know is to go for it: “Ask her if she wants a drink after work and get to know you outside the office. head that if the relationship with your co-worker isn’t working out, you’ll still have to keep working with her.”

TESTIMONY I would like to ask my colleague out but she is old enough to be my mother ©

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