Rose Croft was keen to issue a warning after missing symptoms of her own cancer for months. A difficult testimony when you know that the 36-year-old mother works with patients who also have brain tumors. She began to suffer from migraines and vomiting, but blamed it on lack of sleep and postpartum depression. The terrible diagnosis fell just before the birth of her daughter Imogen. Rose learned the devastating news that she had a stage 3 brain tumour.

It was after waking up with double vision that she made the decision to see a health practitioner. She went to her optician who spotted abnormal signs behind her eyes. The Daily Record reports that doctors at Ninewells Hospital in Dundee have diagnosed Rosie with a glioblastoma-like tumour. It is the most common brain cancer in adults. It is caused by the abnormal proliferation of central nervous system cells called astrocytes. Rosie said: “I’m a neurophysiotherapist and I should have recognized the signs. I felt stupid when I found out what was wrong with me. »

A mother who now wants to raise awareness about the symptoms of cancer

“When I found out what was wrong, I hit myself. I was caring for people with brain tumors all the time in the hospital, I should have recognized all the signs. “, confided the mother of the family. Rosie’s health has deteriorated sharply in recent months. The young woman must now move in a wheelchair. She also had to move back in with her mother, as the house shared with her husband and daughter is arranged over two floors. The 30-year-old is determined to ensure her final days are spent educating people about the symptoms of tumors.

His relatives help him raise funds that will benefit doctors trying to find better treatments. Rosie said: “We need to find cures for brain tumors because they kill so many people, and so many children. If they can find a cure, that would be amazing, even though I won’t be around to see it anymore. Rosie’s longtime friend Mary White has since raised more than $2,700 for research through an online fundraiser.

TESTIMONY I work with cancer patients but I missed my own symptoms


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