At 41, Anna Gasiorowska has become a budget expert. His Instagram account, @lapetitebud-geteuse, brings together more than 37,000 people. She embarked on online coaching and published a book, Better manage my money to live better (ed. Larousse), explaining her method… Anna is not, however, a graduate in accounting or finance. But this single mother of two boys aged 17 and 13 speaks from experience: two and a half years ago, she came close to bankruptcy.

In September 2019, Anna found herself in debt to the tune of €18,000, “€17,698 precisely, rectifies the ex-basket pierced. private craft establishment. I had to pay for its registration and, of course, the material necessary for its training. Then, it was the property tax that fell on me. On September 6, I was overdrawn! I hadn’t paid anything yet. And then I got scared. For the first time, I said to myself: ‘Where is my salary going?'”

“When I got my CDI at €3,500 net per month, I told myself that I was rich!”

Anna struggled to earn a living. At the age of 30, a very young mother, she decided to resume her studies in human resources under a professionalization contract. “Once I graduated, I had a string of precarious contracts. Halfway through, I divorced the father of my children. It took me five years to get my CDI at €3,500 net per month. This that day, I cried. It was the consecration. I said to myself: “Here, my life will change. I am rich!” “Anna buys an apartment” with the max of what I could borrow. telling myself that I could handle it”.

An employee of a multinational, the 30-year-old has never been refused credit and her debt ratio is well over 33%. It’s the gears: she takes out a loan for the work in her home, another for the purchase of a car and yet another for a second vehicle, “which I never actually bought. I dug into this loan of €15,000 to go skiing with the children. I bought in quantity, but not expensive things. In my head, I was not really a spendthrift”.

“Debt among people with a good income is taboo”

In September 2019, Anna, in debt, landed on Instagram. On her account, she shamelessly lists her expenses and cash receipts. “I was afraid of being criticized. Debt among people with a good income is taboo. In fact, I received a lot of encouragement. I tested and shared my budgeting techniques on Insta. I understood that I had to get my expenses under control before thinking of a way to earn more money.”

Millimeter budget, cash envelopes to regain the notion of money, end of free payments, compulsive purchases… His efforts paid off: on December 25, 2020, the €17,698 in debt was repaid. “Since then, I have had a sound management. It is true that there is less spontaneity: the pleasures are there, but they are budgeted. And I have regained my peace of mind.” And it’s priceless!

TESTIMONY. "I went into debt of 18,000 euros despite a good salary"

Anna Gasiorowska © DR

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