Caitlin Alsop was 23 when she nearly died from a wisdom tooth. At the time, the Australian had consulted for a slight fever, fatigue and rashes. The doctors had diagnosed him with a simple cold. A mistake that could have cost him his life. “I was lying in my bed after dinner, trying to relax, but I felt tired and hot like something was wrong,” she told the Daily Mail. And to add: “Then one side of my tongue started to swell, so much so that I could not swallow.” Panicked, the young woman had quickly gone to the hospital.

When she arrived in the emergency room, Caitlin discovered that she was suffering from anaphylaxis, the most severe manifestation of the allergy. “They gave me painkillers, gave me two adrenaline shots and said I could be out in 45 minutes.” Unfortunately, his condition was deteriorating. The doctors even considered amputating his tongue, which had become completely black. After careful consideration, they finally put her in a coma for nine days: “They admitted to me that the situation was serious. I was terrified because I didn’t know if I was going to wake up one day.” A hundred health professionals had been called to elucidate his case.

An infected wisdom tooth that could have been fatal to him

When Caitlin opened her eyes, the doctors were finally able to tell her the cause of her ailments. The Australian had been struck down with sepsis due to an infection in her wisdom tooth. A total surprise because until now, this tooth had never been a problem for the young woman, who also had good dental hygiene. “It could have happened to anyone, sepsis can start with any infection,” she said. Placed on antibiotics, the pretty blonde had her wisdom teeth removed before returning home. Four years later, she is lisping and suffering from memory loss, a common side effect of coma.

TESTIMONY I was plunged into a coma because of a wisdom tooth


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