This father and his daughter lived a love story. From their incestuous idyll two children were born. Here are the details of this union like no other.

As reported by The Sun, it all started in 2000. Jenny Deaves, married with two children, went to live with her father John Deaves and his second wife Dorothy, in Port Pirie, Australia. At the time, father and daughter had lost sight of each other for years. But against all odds, their family reunion turned into an incestuous relationship. This forbidden love story put an end to the 12 years of marriage of the 50-year-old. A year later, the couple welcomed their first child, who died of a heart defect, before having a second in 2007.

Interviewed on Australia’s 60 Minutes in 2008, John said he had no regrets: “Of course I knew it was illegal…so what? Emotions take over. As people know, he There are times in life when emotions rule the heart and head.” During his time on the show, the 50-year-old openly bragged about having an “absolutely fantastic” sex life with his daughter Jenny. She said, “Sex with my dad is like having an intimate relationship with any other man. Our romance isn’t hurting anyone, so we’re going to continue to live like a normal family and happy.”

An incestuous relationship condemned by justice

Shortly after the interview, John and Jenny separated. The reason ? A court ruled that they broke the law. The father and daughter pleaded guilty to two counts of incest. They were strictly forbidden to have sexual relations. But despite this court decision, they continued to see each other in secret for a few months. Their relationship, however, ended in 2009. Five years later, they were talked about again when Dorothy, the 50-year-old’s ex-wife, revealed that she was the one who encouraged her husband to reconnect with her eldest. . At the time, she was delighted with their breakup: “She’s not with him anymore and that’s all that matters to me.”


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