Madalyn Orr was dancing with her new husband when her stepmother came to interrupt her. Madalyn Orr’s stepmother pulled her off the dance floor to drag her into the dressing room. Madalyn’s wedding dress, from Australia, actually featured a large bloodstain. Lifting the dress, she and her mother-in-law discovered a huge leech in the crook of her right knee. According to this article from The Sun newspaper of May 27, 2022, Madalyn had three leeches on her while she was enjoying her first dance with her husband.

“There was one under my foot, one in the crook of my knee, and another crawling up my leg,” she explained. “So the very, very big one was the one in the crook of my knee and it would have been there for about three hours,” she continued in a video shared on TikTok. According to Madalyn, she had to dance with “her friends” for a song or two before her stepmother cut her off.

Hidden under her dress, three leeches had followed her on the dance floor

According to the explanations of the bride, she lives on the Gold Coast, in Australia. It rained a lot the weeks before her wedding. On the day of the wedding, to get beautiful photos, the couple did photo shoots in very long and muddy grass. She thinks it was during the photo shoots that she caught the three leeches. “For anyone confused. Leeches in Australia live on land. They hang out in the grass and will crawl up your leg,” one TikTok user responded after Madalyn Orr’s post. “Every day I open TikTok and have a new reason not to visit Australia,” another joked.

Madalyn Orr © The Mirror

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