Stung and drugged, Maisy Farmer, a 20-year-old student, lived in a nightclub, a traumatic experience. Far from wanting to be considered a victim, the young woman is now working to recognize these nocturnal dangers.

Maisy Farmer is a student from Worcester. Aged 20, the young woman who is studying in the second year of criminology at the University with a view to obtaining a police diploma, returned to an evening in October 2021 which ended tragically.

Around this time, Maisy heard students from Edinburgh and Nottingham recount their disturbing experiences of unexplained blackouts in nightclubs. On social networks, his comrades also publish photos of their pricked arms following these strange evenings…

Bites in a nightclub

A few weeks later, a girl from her university finds herself in a similar situation “It was alarming but my friends and I were determined that this should not stop us from living our lives” confided Maisy to the English newspaper The Sun. “We had planned a party on December 14. I had drunk a few vodkas at home then I stopped drinking once I arrived at the club around 11 p.m.”, then developing “I never drink while I go out because it is expensive”. However, although sober, Maisy begins to experience some discomfort “Around midnight, I started to feel weird. Assuming I was drunk my friends brought me water but instead of sobering up I threw up in the toilet.” After that, it’s the black hole “That was my last memory of the night”. His friends therefore tell him the following “Apparently I was buzzing and hyperactive and there was a guy hanging around me”.

Strange behavior

Trembling, something she had never felt before while drinking, Maisy was put in a taxi by her friends to return to her roommate. “I collapsed in bed at 4 a.m.,” she recalled. “When I woke up around 11 a.m., I felt groggy and disoriented. How could a few vodkas have made me drunk? “. Exhausted, the young woman goes back to sleep until 8 p.m. and, when she wakes up, feels pain in her right arm. “Looking in the mirror, I saw a dark purple bruise on my right triceps. And right there, in the middle, a puncture wound.” The young woman telephoned her mother, Rosie, 44, who told her to go to the emergency room immediately.

devastating consequences

“I texted my friends who assured me they hadn’t taken their eyes off me all night,” she confided. had formed a protective circle around me. Maisy has no memory of him but begins to think he was waiting for his chance and might have nicked her. At the hospital, a nurse confirms her premonition, she received an injection of drugs such as GHB or Rohypnol. “As the effects of everything injected into me had worn off, she couldn’t do anything else.” Back home, her mother contacts her, worried that she might be at risk of contracting HIV, Hepatitis B or C from a dirty needle “My strange behavior of the night made sense. I was terrified so the next morning I drove home to Gloucester and reported the incident to the police.” Questioned by a police officer who confirms the opening of an investigation, she however has little chance of seeing it succeed “He warned me that it would be difficult to spot an individual in a dark and lively club” .

Examined for rape

Back at the hospital, she was offered to be examined for rape, which she refused, convinced that she had not been. Nevertheless, she is told that she must take screening tests for hepatitis and HIV for six months in order to be sure that she does not have it “I felt devastated as if my life was on hold”. Nevertheless Maisy refuses to be defeated “On New Year’s Eve, I forced myself to go back to the same nightclub because I didn’t want to live in fear”. Still, she fails to have fun. Since her assault, Maisy and her mother have been campaigning for awareness of the issue, creating hotlines, slipping posters in toilets, saying “It shouldn’t be up to the victims to fight for the protection of others and the sting of a needle should not end in rape or worse, for it to result in a conviction”.


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