Helaina Hillyard, from Iowa in the United States, was diagnosed with cancer after noticing a strange detail on her skin.

After several years of playing volleyball, Helaina Hillyard decided to take on a new challenge. The 20-year-old is now on her school’s basketball team, Nova Southeastern University in Florida. Accustomed to intensive training, the student was not really worried when she noticed red spots on her body in November 2021. At the time, she was convinced that it was a simple hematoma. But when those little dots started scattering all over her arms and legs, the pretty blonde went to the hospital. Sent to the emergency room for a series of tests, she finally found out what she had.

There, the doctors explained to him that the spots on his skin were petechiae, which appear after the infiltration of blood under the skin caused by hemorrhage. Transferred to another hospital, Helaina learned some sad news. An oncologist diagnosed him with type B acute lymphoblastic leukemia, a cancer of the blood. “I couldn’t believe it, I was shocked. I could have died if I had waited a few more hours to go to the doctor. The doctor in the emergency department told me that I was extremely lucky not to to have played basketball again since that day because I could have had a cerebral or internal hemorrhage” she confided to the New York Post.

She continues to fight to beat her cancer

Supported by health professionals, Helaina immediately began treatment: chemotherapy and blood transfusions. Care she receives every ten days. Terrified by the disease, the young woman nevertheless remains hopeful of overcoming her cancer. Moreover, she did not hesitate to take a break from her studies to focus on her recovery. Today the pretty blonde is sharing her story to raise awareness: “I wanted to show that it’s possible to stay positive even when things get tough. I get lots of messages of support and couldn’t be more grateful .”


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