Without the help of her mother, Ana Vianey Martínez Lugo would probably have become a victim of a sex trafficking ring.

This terrible story dates back to the year 2013 when Ana Vianey Martínez Lugo was still in college. At the time, her childhood friend was going to participate in a school exchange in Spain and could be accompanied by a second person. She had therefore chosen the pretty Mexican, who was only 12 years old at the time of the facts. Delighted with this opportunity, the latter had begun to fill out the necessary documents. An excitement that had quickly turned into uneasiness. And for good reason, the beautiful brunette had fallen on this question more disturbing than ever: “Are you a virgin?”

Panicked, Ana had talked about it with her mother who had contacted her school. The establishment had confirmed to him that this exchange program did not exist. The latter had therefore gone to her daughter’s best friend to confront her. At the time, she had discovered the pot of roses while rummaging through a computer. According to the confidences of the young woman on her TikTok account, her best friend was threatened by her boyfriend, an older boy she had been dating for a month: “She had to enlist sex slaves for the purposes of human trafficking. humans or he would have hurt his family.”

She has definitely cut ties with her best friend

During an interview with Jam Press, Ana explained that she tried to put herself in her childhood friend’s shoes. However, she never managed to forgive him for this horrible betrayal: “I had no reason not to believe her. We had been best friends since the age of 5. She knew that I trusted her. ‘She was a minor, I imagine it was difficult to be with someone who threatened her life and her family but what she did was a crime. Since her video went viral with six million views, the young woman has strongly encouraged her followers to follow their instincts. She also praised her mother’s heroic attitude.

TESTIMONY I was almost sold as a sex slave by my best friend but my mother saved me ©

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