A mum has revealed that she recycles her baby’s old clothes as toilet paper. An eco-tip that did not fail to make people react!

Alice Llani is an eco-friendly mum. On her TikTok page, the 22-year-old vegetarian regularly shares her alternative lifestyle, far from the superfluous. The young woman also reveals her methods of education which differ from traditional pedagogy. For example, she prefers not to establish a sleep pattern for her 18-month-old son Fern. In addition, she lets her little one eat sand and pebbles because, according to her theory, the microbes are beneficial to her immune system. The mother of the family recently made the buzz by showing how she recycles her child’s old clothes.

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When little Fern’s clothes are damaged or simply no longer fit, Alice gives them a second life. How ? She recycles them into toilet paper. In a video posted on her TikTok account, the young woman clarified that she first rinses in her bidet before wiping herself with her son’s old clothes. And to add that she also uses towels that she washes after each use. Viewed more than a million times, this ecological tip quickly went viral on social networks. Unsurprisingly, Internet users reacted strongly!

“That’s so clever!”

If a small minority of Internet users were very skeptical of Alice’s trick, the majority of them loved the idea and did not hesitate to let her know. “My mum used to do this with all my baby clothes when I was younger. She used to make rags out of them. We always have them,” “That’s so clever, Alice! But I’ll be too sentimental to wipe my buttocks with my favorite onesie”, “It’s really genius because the fabric of the clothes is softer than that of the towels” we were able to read in the comments under the publication.


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