At just 25 years old, Andrea Ivanova has already received 32 injections to swell her lips. His goal ? Look like a Bratz doll. “I love my lips and I want to get this new record,” she told the Daily Mirror. The young woman, originally from Sofia in Bulgaria, began her physical transformation in 2018. Just for her mouth, she paid the tidy sum of 2000 euros in cosmetic surgery. In order to maintain her ultra luscious pout, the Bulgarian injects hyaluronic acid every month. A habit that could cost him his life if health professionals believe it.

Despite the risks, complications and multiple warnings from doctors, Andrea does not intend to stop there: “It was my birthday last month and I celebrated it with injections in the jaw. My doctor thinks that i will abuse the fillers in my chin but he said the same for my lips. i am determined to do more as i think i need to lengthen and sharpen my chin. i want to hold this record so badly, I’m ready to fight for it. I’ve had a lot of injections already and there are plenty more to come.” Before her lips, her chin and her jawline, the young woman had redone her breasts by going from a C cup to an E cup.

Extraordinary lips that arouse mockery

Andrea affirms, these body modifications have boosted her self-confidence. A radical change that leaves no one indifferent. On social networks, Internet users are very clearly divided. If the former philosophy student, who has become an influencer, receives compliments from admirers, her detractors are having a field day. “Fix your eyebrows, make them bigger and more expressive, reduce the size of your lips because you look like a clown”, “People say she is beautiful…the world is going into a spin”, “She has clearly need psychiatric intervention. It’s self-harm”, “I was having a bad day until I saw his face, I laughed a lot” can we read about him.

TESTIMONY I underwent 32 operations to have the biggest lips in the world


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