A mum has been slammed after posting a video showing her plucking her three-year-old daughter’s eyebrows. Leah Garcia said she was ridiculed throughout her childhood because of her prominent single eyebrow. She also reported that she noticed her two daughters Behautti, 11, and Bliss, 3, had the same hair problem as her. After Leah uploaded a video of the sequence where she waxed her daughter, she was accused of being a “bad mother” by some Internet users. To justify her action, she said that it would save her little girl from being harassed when she is older.

“People say I project my own insecurities onto her. That I should teach him not to care what people think. But she remains human. “, she said on her TikTok account. Leah also explained, “Bliss was just over two years old when I started waxing her. Bliss and her sister Behautti are eight years apart. Bliss always saw me tweezing her older sister’s eyebrows. So she asked me if she could do it too. The mom added that the earlier you pluck an eyebrow, the less likely it is to grow back. “Behautti, who is 11 years old, hardly has a single eyebrow anymore because we have been waxing him for a long time. I don’t touch any other part of their eyebrows. “, explained the influencer on the social network.

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Eyebrow waxing that provokes the indignation of Internet users

Some Internet users point to the pain caused by the removal of the wax strip. “It does not hurt Bliss more than removing a bandage,” assured the young mother. “If they grow up and want thick eyebrows again, it’s easy to go back to them. But being bullied is something you don’t easily recover from. I try to prevent that from happening. added Leah. His TikTok video has already made the rounds of the Web. Indeed, it counts more than 25 million views. The influencer assured to have received messages of thanks from some moms. If the mother has to face a flood of insults, she assures that the most important thing for her is the happiness of her daughters. She says she is convinced that her act guarantees the development of her two children.

TESTIMONY I tweeze my 3 year old daughter's eyebrows for a very good reason


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