Bonnie Caldwell was sure her husband Matt was ignoring her messages but soon learned he was dead.

Bonnie Caldwell thought her husband Matt was ignoring her messages before finding out he was actually dead. As she told on TikTok, the facts date back to August 2021. Her companion had gone to see a rugby match with friends, a few hours from their home in New Zealand. After talking to him on the phone around midnight, the beautiful blonde was surprised that he didn’t give her any news the next morning. At the time, she had found it strange but had quickly assumed that he must have a hangover. Later that day, she received a terrible call from her brother-in-law who told her of the death of her husband.

@bonniec17Story time… your comments made me laugh so much! Thanks for understanding my humor ♬ original sound – Bonnie Caldwell

“What happened was where they were staying there was some kind of cliff. Matt had just come down the slope to go to the bathroom but he didn’t realize that he was on the edge of a precipice and he just fell. He misjudged the distance,” Bonnie explained in her video. And to add that she did not know the exact circumstances of his death: “We do not know if he tripped or if he just walked without seeing the precipice but he was looking at his phone because the screen his phone was facing upwards. So he fell and he died instantly – it was a tragic accident that no one could have prevented, unfortunately.”

To mourn her husband, she jokes about his death

In order to cope with Matt’s tragic passing, Bonnie revealed that she used dark humor as a defense mechanism. In evoking the death of her half, the young woman also joked, writing in the caption: “He could have at least warned me.” Some netizens also played along with hilarious responses. “He could have simply asked for a divorce”, “He took the ghosting to the extreme”, “I imagine he was dying to return”, “The audacity of this man” did we so could read under the publication. Comments that made the widow laugh, who also thanked her subscribers for having “understood her humor”.


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