Kayla, 22, was convinced she had kidney stones when her lower stomach started to hurt horribly. But 12 minutes later, the young woman gave birth.

In August 2016, Kayla Fustamante, 22 at the time, worked night shifts at a local restaurant in Boston, USA. She then feels an awful pain in her abdomen and begins to google her symptoms. For her, for sure, she has simple kidney stones. She confides to the New York Post that at this moment, she has only one desire: to go back to bed and rest. But when she finally leaves the restaurant, the pain is unbearable. A friend, worried to see her in agony, decides to take her to the hospital. And it’s not kidney stones that doctors discover…

Woman gives birth in 12 minutes without knowing she is expecting a baby

Kayla tells her story on TikTok. When they arrive at the emergency room, no room is available so the young woman has to wait in a hallway. The nurses suspect that she is suffering from a ruptured ovary and order an ultrasound. “I asked the technician what she had seen, and she told me that she had no right to tell me. At that point, I thought that I was probably dying.”

After being led back to the hallway, a doctor comes to her and tells her that she is in labor. Let the baby come. “I didn’t know I was pregnant.” In just 12 minutes, Kayla gives birth to a healthy baby girl. Three months earlier, Kayla had separated from her daughter’s father and she knew he already had a new girlfriend. Her father supports her in this ordeal and assures her that he would love her and help her no matter what. Two days after the birth of the baby, she informed her ex-companion by message and… the joy that this good news brought brought together the couple, who are now married and who are expecting a second child.


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