As we know, childbirth is often dreaded by future mothers. Fortunately, there are solutions to relax and better live this fateful day. Jannine Markou, a yoga teacher from Toronto, knows a few of them. In addition to supporting women during their pregnancies, she teaches them how to have an orgasm during labor. According to his secrets, this enjoyment would be ten times more powerful than morphine. The 40-year-old also offers online courses. A new vocation that came to her after having experienced a traumatic childbirth.

“I teach orgasmic childbirth. It means giving birth with joy and confidence,” Jannine told South West News Service. And to add: “I help women get out of their comfort zone and release their inhibitions. I guide them so that they know what they want at this precise moment. Lately, I supported a client during a home birth and she was able to achieve this state of euphoria. It was amazing to see.” The coach personalizes her sessions for each of her clients even if the method generally remains the same: “By letting yourself be carried away by the hormones of childbirth, you will fall into a state of bliss. The pain will thus be less intense thanks to the endorphins. “

“Every birth is unique”

At the same time, Jannine also encourages her clients to dance and move as they approach childbirth: “The child’s posture, squats, kneeling and rocking back and forth are very good positions to promote work.” However, the yoga teacher wishes to point out that each childbirth is unique: “Not everyone can experience an orgasmic childbirth, but if you can, it can be beneficial. My goal is to make sure that women are happy with their experience during the postpartum period. I don’t want them to feel any guilt or shame.”

TESTIMONY I teach women to have an orgasm during childbirth


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