Sometimes Kate catches herself staring a little too long at the moms in the park. The reason ? Analyze the way they take care of their children to raise their own successfully.

Watch how mothers react to a scraped knee. How they marvel at their child’s play. How they calmly announce to their offspring that it is time to go home. “So this is how we do it?” This is what Kate thinks to herself each time she analyzes the behavior of other mothers, at the park or elsewhere. We obviously know the concept of impostor syndrome at work, but much less when it applies to parenthood. However, this is what the young mother of the family suffers from…

Maternal impostor syndrome: the evil of the century

“In almost every job I’ve had, I’ve felt terribly underqualified and outrageously lucky to have it,” Kate told The Sun. “I used to go to the office every day a bundle of nerves.” It’s perhaps no surprise then that now that she’s taking on a new role – that of mother – Kate is just as stressed. “And unlike work, the stakes here seem much scarier than a meeting with HR.” Impostor parent syndrome is becoming more and more common, according to psychologists. But Kate knows it, a lot of her feelings come from the upbringing she received.

“I didn’t have the kind of mother I want to emulate”

“I didn’t have the kind of mother I want to emulate. Mine was neglectful and disinterested. So where am I supposed to learn to be a mother? Has everyone been given the maternal instinct except me? ” Strangely, her maternal impostor syndrome grows as her child grows. “Little babies only have a few fairly basic needs – food, sleep, warmth, cuddles – and it seemed pretty simple to get it right.” When her child comes into the world, Kate reads books and downloads apps. But over time, everything becomes more complicated. “Soon, I will be navigating the world of puberty,” laughs the mother of the family.

The therapists Kate has consulted assure her that it is important to be transparent with her children and let them see that a parent does not always know what they are doing. “To show them that we may not have all the answers, but we will always find a way to figure it out.” Today, she plans to take parenting classes. “Obviously I’m not the only parent who feels he needs some extra help.”

TESTIMONY I suffer from maternal impostor syndrome because of my own mother ©

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