A young woman wanted to help her friend by preventing her from baptizing her baby as a venereal disease, but her advice backfired.

A baby’s name is serious business and Grace* understands that. But by wanting to help her friend make her choice, the young woman has drawn the wrath of the latter as she says on Reddit: “My friend is 5 months pregnant. She is going to have a daughter and she likes to share her name ideas with our group of friends to see what we think.” During an afternoon, the mother-to-be let it be known that she was considering naming her child Chlamydia, thinking of making a tribute to her favorite character in Greek mythology. Upon reflection, Grace realized that her friend had confused Clytemnestra, Agamemnon’s wife and Helen of Troy’s sister, with the sexually transmitted infection. So she decided to tell him.

To prove her point, Grace even did a Google search. After realizing she was wrong, her friend sulked for the rest of the day. “When I got home, I saw that she had sent me a message saying that I was a bad friend for having embarrassed her in front of everyone like that” continued the young woman. And to add that the future mother had not appreciated her condescending tone: “She would have preferred that I speak to her in private.” When the rest of the group told her that maybe she should apologize, Grace made it clear that she had nothing to be ashamed of herself and that on the contrary, she had done her friend a favor by saving her from call her daughter as a venereal disease.

“If no one else said anything, you were the only true friend”

Unsurprisingly, the Web sided with Grace, praising her for telling her friend the truth. “If she’s old enough to get pregnant, she should be old enough to know what chlamydia is. She embarrassed herself,” “You didn’t embarrass her — everyone who was there had already heard his mistake – you were the only person decent enough to correct it”, “If no one else said anything, you were the only true friend” we could read in the comments. Several Internet users also deplored the fact that the future mother did not take this small error with humor.

*Name has been changed.

TESTIMONY I stopped my friend from naming her baby as a venereal disease but she is angry with me ©

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