Since he slept with a friend’s wife, this young man of 30 finds himself in a delicate situation. And for good reason, the latter does not see this prank as a mistake. “I knew they had problems and they were doing couples therapy,” he wrote in a letter to Deidre Sanders, sentimental coach for the Daily Mirror. And to add: “One evening, I ran into her at the gym and we ended up having a drink together. She poured out about her marriage and I listened to her. We had drunk a lot so she stopped by my house for a coffee on her way home – but we kissed and then slept together.”

The next morning, the 30-year-old immediately regretted having betrayed his friend’s trust: “I know it’s unforgivable.” Surprisingly, the young woman disagreed: “I thought she felt the same way as me, that she would tell me that we had a good time but that it couldn’t happen again. But this n She didn’t. She wants to see me again and confessed that she’s always had a crush on me. She thinks we crossed paths because it’s fate. She sends me a lot of messages and emails.” A situation that embarrasses him: “I don’t know what to do because I don’t want to hurt her or make her angry, but I know things will go wrong.”

“Be honest with this woman, this can’t happen again”

For Deidre Sanders, there is no doubt that the young man made a mistake by having a sexual relationship with the wife of his friend. The expert therefore suggested that she make things clear with the latter: “Be honest with this woman and explain to her that, even if you liked this night with her, it was bad and that it cannot be reproduce.” The specialist also advised him to encourage the woman to solve her marital problems: “Remind her that an affair is only a temporary distraction and that it will only complicate things. If she no longer wants to be with her husband, she must assume.”

TESTIMONY I slept with a friend's wife I regret but not her


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