Becoming a homewrecker without knowing it is what this 31-year-old woman experienced. In a letter sent to Coleen Nolan, a regular adviser to the Mirror, she told her story in an effort to get some constructive advice on her situation. “I went to a business seminar in Ibiza and I slept with a very cute guy from my company. I didn’t know him before this trip because we don’t work together,” she said. And to add that they flirted a lot: “We drank prosecco naked in the jacuzzi. The sex was good, I felt like he wanted to see me again. We sat together on the plane then kissed at the airport.”

Upon her return, the young woman was unfortunately ghosted: “He never replied to my messages. Basically, he ignored me.” The 30-year-old then learned the sad truth about her colleague: “I found out that he is married and that his wife is expecting a baby! I did not know it. Given the way he behaved during the stay, I thought that he was single.” A delicate position for the main concerned: “Now people at my work think that I am obsessed and a couple breaker. I have understood that I have lost their respect. is unfair because I did nothing wrong. I just had fun with someone I thought was single.”

The expert deplores the behavior of the colleague

For Coleen Nolan, the fault clearly lies with the young man: “Keep your head up. You did nothing wrong – he did not tell you the truth. His marriage is his responsibility, not yours. It’s him the home wrecker. Women are often singled out in this scenario. If you had known he was married, I’m sure you wouldn’t have tried anything.” The expert speculated that the colleague was probably not on his first try regarding infidelities. The latter wanted to reassure the 30-year-old: “Keep your distance from him and don’t let what happened ruin your work and your future relationships.”

TESTIMONY I slept with a colleague then discovered that he was married and soon to be a father


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