How would you react if your husband kissed another in front of your eyes? This is the dilemma a woman currently faces. Completely lost, the latter sought the advice of Deidre Sanders, the famous sentimental coach of the Sun. “I’m 40, he’s 42. We’ve been married for 15 years and we have two boys. He’s always been a good father and a good husband, I’ve never had a reason not to trust him ” she explained in her letter. Unfortunately, the situation took a very unpleasant turn when she picked up her boyfriend and his sons at their rugby training.

At the time of the goodbyes, the father of the family gave a kiss to the mothers present before skidding with one of them: “It did not bother me. But then a mother arrived to say goodbye, and he gave her a hug before kissing her on the mouth. It didn’t feel like an accident because they weren’t embarrassed.” Some time later, the forties did not hesitate to confront her husband. The latter replied that he had no memory of this kiss. An answer that did not fail to bother her: “Now I wonder if he is lying. Am I overreacting or is it inappropriate? Are they having an affair?”

An innocent kiss?

“This event has clearly disturbed you but there is no reason to think that anything is going on between them,” replied Deidre Sanders. The expert quickly defused the situation: “It happened in public, he knew you were there, his sons were too. Some people routinely kiss their friends and loved ones on the mouth. Maybe that this woman is one of them. This gesture may be too familiar to you, but it doesn’t have to be sexual.” The counselor also suggested that she talk seriously about it with her husband to allay her doubts.

TESTIMONY I saw my husband kissing another woman


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