Annoyed by her husband’s carelessness, a woman decided to keep their WiFi code until he landed a new job.

Since her husband lost his job, Elise (not her real name) is the only one to bring the money home. A heavy situation that has lasted for three months now. “Right now, my husband and I are having financial problems. The reason? My husband was fired from his job in sales,” she said on the Reddit forum. And to add: “We don’t have a lot of money and I now have the responsibility to pay for everything, WiFi included.” The 30-year-old explained that her companion had however promised to find a job, which he has not yet done: “My husband now spends most of his time on his phone.”

One day, Elise ran into her husband’s former boss at the supermarket. Talking about his dismissal, she realized that he had lied to her. In fact, her husband quit his job voluntarily: “I was shocked and furious. I went home and confronted him. He admitted it was true.” The husband made it known that he planned to resume his studies, and even asked his wife to finance them with her own salary. Annoyed, the 30-year-old replied that she had changed the WiFi code to encourage him to contribute to the expenses of the house: “I told him that the Internet was a privilege, not a right, but he told me that I was selfish and uninspiring.”

“It’s time to reevaluate your relationship”

Unsurprisingly, Internet users did not really appreciate the attitude of Elise’s husband. “Are you sure you want to be married to a man who lies and thinks he has every right, and treats you like a child?” one asked, while another chimed in: “He lied about his last job and how he left it. He admitted his lie only when you confronted him with the truth. It’s time to re-evaluate your relationship, and ask yourself if it’s worth taking a risk with your husband or not.” Finally, a third said, “I’m going through a divorce for a similar reason. I’m so much happier now. Don’t waste your time on a mistake.”


Lara T.
Lara T.

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