For six years, Ami Mistry has not had a single full night’s sleep. And for good reason ! This mother sees, every night, two of her three children get up. Despite the fatigue, however, she refuses to impose anything on them…

Exhausted… Exhausted… Since the birth of Harriet, six years old, Ami Mistry has been chaining restless nights. At 41, this mother has not known a single nocturnal moment of respite. Especially since the arrival of Tilly, four years old and then Alfie, one year old.

If, at a certain age, the children end up having their nights, Tilly and Alfie still refuse to sink into the arms of Morpheus. Although exhausted, Ami does not want to constrain them and prefers to get up, no matter the time, to take care of them…

A grueling pace

Ami is a math teacher. Her husband is a surgeon. From the birth of their first child, Ami understands that the responsibility for the nights will fall to her alone, her husband absolutely having to be in possession of his full abilities when his working day starts up again. “It’s absolutely exhausting,” she told the Mirror newspaper. “They have never slept particularly well but at the moment the main problem is my 17 month old son,” she added, adding “If he only woke up four times a night, it would be a spectacular night”. Because the young Alfie has a rather particular nocturnal rhythm which leaves his mother exhausted.

horrible nights

“He gets up quite often, sometimes every half hour,” she confided. “He doesn’t stay awake too long, sometimes 20 minutes or less. Sometimes he can be up for a few hours at night.” In the past, with her second daughter, Tilly, who suffered from similar sleep disorders, Ami had tried to fall asleep with her “but it was awful”, she commented. “She was sleeping, she was crying, she had allergies that we weren’t aware of until she was six months old. I was completely exhausted. She would fall asleep and five minutes later she would start screaming,” she recalled, adding, “It was horrible.”

Between insomnia and anxiety

This formula only prompted Ami to worry more throughout the night “I thought ‘If I go back to sleep, she’ll just wake me up again.’ I’m not going to sleep.” The mother thus spends long sleepless nights, anxious. “She only started sleeping around the age of three. I just accepted that it was like that so I relaxed a bit about it. Rightly so since Alfie took over from his sister “I don’t really expect him to sleep until he’s at least two and a half years old”. Despite these nights of deprivation, Ami does not consider leaving her children alone at night or crying until they go back to sleep. “I raise them day and night,” she insisted, fearing that these methods would “stress them even more” if she were to apply them.

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