Incredible but true ! In an article from July 20, 2022, The Sun relates the unusual story of Lucy Jones, a 22-year-old Englishwoman who simply thought she had a stomach ache, before seeing two small feet protruding between her legs. It must be said that the young woman did not present any of the typical symptoms of pregnancy, since she still had her period and continued to take the pill. A few weeks before giving birth, she had even passed a medical examination – as part of her flight attendant diploma – which declared her “fit to fly”. Nothing, in fact, suggested that she was about to give birth to a little girl of 3.1 kilos. In the pages of the Sun, Lucy Jones returned in more detail to her surprise birth. “The night before, I had stomach and back pain but I put it down to my period which was supposed to arrive at the end of the week”, explains the young woman before specifying that she suddenly felt her stomach “turn over”. “I ran to the toilet and gave birth to my daughter all alone, at my parents’… I heard a noise and looking down, there were two feet coming out of the toilet.”

Even more extraordinary: Lucy Jones did not suffer in the least. “I wasn’t in pain. Nobody could believe it. I had pain in my back and stomach, but I didn’t really have pain when I pushed”, she confides. The young mother then waited for the return of her parents, obviously surprised by this great news, before going to the hospital.

“I kept partying”

Not having been aware of her pregnancy, Lucy Jones says she lived normally when she was pregnant. “I kept doing everything – going out, drinking, partying, going to festivals and horse races,” she says before adding: “I went clubbing probably 10 to 15 times when I was pregnant. I even went to Bristol on the Saturday before I gave birth.” Today, Lucy says she is happy to be the mother of little Ruby, 6 months.

TESTIMONY I realized I was pregnant when I saw my baby's feet in the toilet


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