It was in February 2022 that this story reported by Mirror took place in Belfast. A man, Harry Simpson, noticed purple spots on his chest shortly before his 26th birthday. This search and rescue worker had noticed these stains while taking a shower. He thought it was nothing serious so he went to Dubai to celebrate his birthday. For the next two weeks, Harry Simpson busied himself jet skiing and skydiving.

Little did Harry Simpson suspect that these tasks would lead to the diagnosis of T-cell precursor acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ETP-ALL). It was during training for his job, in the mountains, that he had felt strange things. “I was really tired, just tired. I was going to the gym and I was out of breath, not nearly as good as I could be,” he said. So he decided to see a doctor. At first, the doctor just prescribed him antibiotics thinking he was suffering from a viral infection caught in Dubai. Except that the fatigue had not left him and his general practitioner then advised him to do blood tests.

From 3 weeks maximum to live to a miracle

When he was diagnosed with leukemia, Harry Simpson was told he only had a maximum of 3 weeks left to live. Only he fought with all his might and did everything to stay positive. Despite the fact that after only five weeks of treatment he had lost 15 kg. Fortunately, thanks to the many treatments and especially the many supports and aids he received, he emerged victorious from this battle. Just two days before Christmas, she had been told that there were no more signs of cancer in the last bone marrow test. A real miracle!

TESTIMONY. "I noticed purple spots on my chest, I was told I only had 3 weeks to live"

TESTIMONY. “I noticed purple spots on my chest, I was told I only had 3 weeks to live” © Pexels

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