A year after the death of her husband, Anna Cripps-Clark has found love again with Lee, a widower for only four months. A new story started too soon? The Briton gave herself up with an open heart for The Sun.

“When I became a widow four years ago, I never imagined falling in love again,” confessed Anna Cripps-Clark in an essay published in the pages of the Sun. The headmistress who works in Berkshire, England, said she lost her first husband Steve in March 2018, two years after being diagnosed with skin cancer. They had met online in 2006 and married in 2008, before having two boys Daniel and Sam. “Before Steve died, he told me that he did not want me to be alone all my life. I I couldn’t see myself with another man. I was with him when he died in hospital. Realizing that I was a widow with two children to raise on my own was the darkest time of my life.”

Anna spent the first year comforting her children who cried every night in her arms: “I was dealing with my own sadness, working full time and trying to create a new normal for us.” In April 2019, the Briton met Lee at an event for those who have lost a loved one. Four months earlier, the computer consultant’s wife, Alex, had succumbed to a brain tumour, leaving him alone with their twin daughters Lauren and Sophie. The two widowers began to exchange on social networks and by telephone. A friendship that quickly turned into love: “Lee made me laugh and I loved that he loved his family so much. A few weeks later we had dinner together and there was definitely a spark. Tonight- there we kissed.”

Too early to fall in love again?

At the time, Anna was embarrassed that Lee was dating her so soon after his wife’s death: “He explained to me that she had been sick for five years and that he had felt to have lost and to have mourned long before her death.” The two lovebirds first told their respective children that they were friends before confessing the truth to them. If the twins were delighted, the boys had a hard time accepting it. Over time, however, they realized that their mother was happy. Since March 2020, the blended family has been living under the same roof. As for Anna and Lee, they married in February 2022: “I can never replace Alex and I don’t want to but I hope she is happy with the way I am raising her daughters. With Lee , I found a wonderful stepfather for my sons, and Steve would approve.”


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