Matilda met Samuli Eriksson at her mother’s 50th birthday in 2018. At the time, their parents were dating and got married a year later. So they were a blended family. But this friendly chemistry quickly turned into love for the two 27-year-olds. “We felt a connection. In 2021, we started hanging out together regularly. There was a magnetic attraction between us,” the young woman told Dagbladet, a famous Norwegian daily. Everything changed when one day, the handsome blond kissed her, but the duo tried to fight their feelings, to no avail.

Matilda and Samuli made their relationship official in May 2021 before moving in together. “To be honest, I had the feeling that what we were doing was wrong. I was lost and in love at the same time. To tell the truth, I didn’t know what to do” confessed the young woman to Yahoo Australia. And to add: “I thought about the fact that he was still my half-brother and I imagined the comments of people.” Despite the doubts of some of their friends, the two lovebirds have launched. Engaged in October 2021, the couple married in July 2022. The ceremony took place near Helsinki in Finland.

Her stepbrother becomes her husband

Contrary to popular belief, Matilda and Samuli were able to count on the support of their parents. “From the start, they were very happy for us. I even think that Samuli’s father was hoping something like that would happen,” assured the young woman. Worried about the idea that their romance is illegal in Finland, the two lovebirds were quickly reassured: “Fortunately, the sister of a friend is a law student. She assured us that there was no problem. The couple are now sharing details of their story on TikTok. A romance that divides Internet users. “Lock them up”, “Guys, relax, they are not related” can be read under their videos.

TESTIMONY I married my half-brother three years after our parents got married


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