Between Debora Peixoto, 30, and Anderson Alves Peixoto, 59, the connection was immediate! An idyll assumed despite their great age difference and the family ties that unite them. Indeed, the two lovebirds are second cousins. A detail that does not prevent them from being happy. During an interview with NudePR, the Brazilian model opened up about their relationship. She explained that they had met at her father’s house and that the current had passed immediately. “I was criticized because he is older than me and because I married my cousin, but it was love at first sight,” she said.

From day one, things moved really fast between Debora and Anderson. “We met on a Thursday and we kissed three days later. As soon as I got his first name tattooed, he asked me to move in with him,” said the 30-year-old. And to add: “He went to my father to ask for my hand. Four days later, we moved in together. Three months later, we were already planning our wedding.” Today, they have been married for six years.

She loves her cousin and ignores negative reviews

Debora admits, money has never been a problem in their relationship. Since August 2021, she has also embarked on the adult industry. Anderson supports her in her career and even helps film her content. Welded, the two lovebirds do not care much about the criticisms of them. “At first, people said I was dating him just to get a sugar daddy. That I was much younger than him, and he wouldn’t be able to satisfy me in bed.” But the 30-year-old is madly in love with her darling and isn’t afraid to shout it out loud and clear: “It’s the first time I’ve gone out with an older man, but it’s the best thing ever. He has so much more experience.”

TESTIMONY I married my cousin who is twice my age


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