Mariam cares little for the 27 years that separate her from her husband, a former professor at her university.

When Mariam, 26, was at Morogoro University in Tanzania, she met Grzegorz Trela, 53, who taught philosophy there. “As a student, I saw Grzegorz – a lecturer, when he moved between each class. He was one of the few Europeans at the university so he stood out because of his skin color. At the beginning, I I thought he was a priest because the other Europeans were missionary teachers,” she told the Daily Mirror. Attracted to each other, they quickly got in touch: “We found each other on Facebook and we talked. He didn’t know that I was studying at the school where he worked.” Charmed, the teacher suggested they meet in person.

“It was love at first sight,” Grzegorz fondly recalled. Since their first date in May 2017, the two lovebirds have not left each other. In July 2018, they got married and welcomed a boy named Ignacy. Now based in Bielsko-Biała in Poland, the professor’s native country, the couple fully assumes their great age difference even if they sometimes face people’s prejudices. “When people see our family, they think there is a mother with her son and a grandfather. When they understand that I am his wife – especially men – they envy his young and attractive wife and think that I’m after his money. It’s funny because my husband isn’t even rich,” confessed Mariam.

27 years of difference assumed!

Supported by their respective families, Mariam and Grzegorz are not afraid to display their lovely love story. In addition to sharing their daily life, they also talk about their interracial relationship on social networks. “Most of the comments we receive are positive reactions from people on our Youtube channel. I love my husband, he loves me and takes care of me. We are both loving parents to our son. Our love continues sometimes comes up against difficulties – usually cultural differences – but we overcome them by patiently learning from each other,” concluded the young mother.


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