Restoring trust in a couple when it is broken is not easy. Amber (assumed name) is the perfect example. In an essay published on the 9Honey site, the young woman tells why she lost faith in her companion, Tim. “He cheated on me twice but those are only the times that I know of. I think during our 15 years together he was unfaithful several times but I was too dumb to realize that. ” she admits. At the time, his partner had become very mysterious and lied about his whereabouts: “One day he told me he was in a bar but I heard a dog barking and the beep of a microwave so I figured it was in someone’s house.”

Eventually, Tim confessed to her that he was having an affair with a former girlfriend: “I ended our relationship but we reconciled a few months later.” Despite this betrayal, Amber decided to give him a second chance: “I thought he was sorry and grateful that I forgive him. Also, I wanted to save our family for the sake of our children. I didn’t want him to They’re hurting and I didn’t want to share custody. I thought it was unfair. It was Tim who had cheated on me, but I would have been punished if I only saw my children every other week. A permanent separation just wasn’t an option for me.” But the situation has changed again…

A severe lack of trust

Amber noticed that Tim had changed his phone password. He had just broken the rule she had put in place before getting back together with him: “It’s not like I was spying on him, but I wanted to be free to be able to check his cell phone whenever I felt the need. .” When her companion started taking his smartphone into the bathroom, the young woman realized that he had failed. She also came across messages of a sexual nature between her partner and a woman named Suzy. Horrified, she broke up before finding him three weeks later. A heavy situation: “I am constantly nervous. I have the impression of walking on eggshells and waiting for the next infidelity.”

TESTIMONY I love my companion but I don't trust him


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