Pregnancy has not been easy for Darlene Lynch. Developing a molar pregnancy after one of her twins failed to develop properly, the mum then triggered a life-threatening tumor and is now fighting for her life.

These nine months will have left little respite for Darlene Lynch. The young woman, who was looking forward to expecting twins, saw her life change overnight when she learned that she had a potentially fatal tumor.

In question, a molar pregnancy, resulting from the poor development of one of her two children, leading to the growth of abnormal cells or clusters of water-filled sacs inside the uterus.

A traumatic diaper return

In the UK, around 1 in 590 pregnancies are molar pregnancies, with most being non-cancerous. But for Darlene, 32, and her partner, Nigel Bermingham, the situation was different. In December 2021, the couple welcomed a baby boy named Cillian. But But barely ten weeks after arriving, Darlene began to suffer severe bleeding. Rushed to the hospital, the young mother learns that her newborn had probably had a twin who had not fully developed. If told that this problem was potentially cancerous, the young woman then learns that she is developing a rare form of cancer.

One in fifty thousand cases

“When the oncologist said it was cancer, we were upset, my partner probably a lot more upset than me because I had already prepared,” Darlene told The Sun newspaper. “I think in my head, I already knew it was cancer, so I was thinking about what to do next,” she continued, adding, “I was half-focused as my partner was still processing the news and he felt pretty helpless in all of this, and when he’s a loved one, you don’t know what to do.” This choriocarcinoma that Darlene suffers from affects 1 in 50,000 pregnancies. “They’re not 100% sure if Cillian was a twin, if it remained dormant and did not appear until after birth, or if it formed from part of the placenta,” she explained.

A rare cancer

“They couldn’t do a biopsy to determine that because my body had created four antibodies, which meant I couldn’t receive blood transfusions for an operation.” For Darlene, who is still adjusting to her status as a mother, the situation is very difficult, especially since the rarity of her cancer leaves even the nurses perplexed. “Everything about my pregnancy was normal, all scans were normal, blood work was normal, everything went as planned. We have since been told by doctors and consultants that it was a miracle that Cillian was born. properly,” she recalled. Soon her cancer spread to her lungs. However, a scan in March showed the tumors had shrunk by half. “My motivation for next year is not just my beautiful son and Nigel , but this first leg of the plane at Dublin airport,” she said, residing in Australia. “The day when I can hug my parents and my family seems like a distant dream, but it is a dream I cling to firmly” she concluded.


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