In August 2020, Dave Parkyn experienced a real drama. This carpenter, living in St Austell in the south of England, was only 28 when his life changed. It all started when he received a splinter of wood in his hand at his workplace. Back home, the young man quickly realized that something was wrong. “He came home from work with a huge headache and felt really sick. His condition deteriorated in the evening and he was in a lot of pain,” his mother, Jackie Parkyn, told SWNS. Worried for her son, the sixty-something contacted the emergency services for advice. However, doctors attributed his symptoms to a strained muscle. Unfortunately, the truth was much worse.

The next morning, Dave was taken to hospital in critical condition. The Briton had just had a stroke. The splinter had become infected and spread through his body causing bacterial meningitis. At worst, the carpenter had also contracted pneumonia and sepsis. Two days later, he was placed in an induced coma. At the time, doctors advised his family to take him off the hook if his condition did not improve. Miraculously, Dave got away with it, but with many after-effects. Since that day, he has been blind in his right eye and partially sighted in his left. The young man is also disabled in one arm and one leg.

His life changes because of a splinter, he does not give up

If Dave has taken up the job of carpenter again, his abilities are no longer what they were before. But the Briton, now 30, continues to fight. “He is now starting to come to terms with some of what happened and is trying to rebuild a career and a life, albeit different from what he had planned,” his mother said. The 30-year-old now sees a therapist who supports him a lot on a daily basis: “It helped me think about how to express my anger and my frustration, which is an important part of the healing process. It’s nice to talk to someone, to share my feelings and not feel judged. After a session, I feel like a heavy weight has been lifted off my shoulders.”

TESTIMONY I lost my sight and was close to death because of a splinter


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