Natasha Gunther was forced to have half of her skull removed due to a severe sinus infection. The young woman told her story on the networks.

During 2021, Natasha Gunther had a chain of sinus infections. Put on antibiotics by her doctor, her health rapidly deteriorated. “Last year I had 5 or 6 sinus infections. I was prescribed medication but things got worse. I was throwing up and had horrible migraines,” she shared on TikTok. On December 12, her parents encouraged her to have a CT scan. That same evening, she underwent her first brain operation, including a craniotomy. The doctors removed the bone and discovered that it had a huge amount of bacteria: staphylococci and streptococci. Because the mace had moved his brain 9mm to the right, half of his skull was removed two days before Christmas.

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“In total, they removed 12-14cm from my skull and put it in the freezer. I stayed in the hospital for five weeks and had further sinus operations,” Natasha continued, aware of have come close to death. “As anyone with sinus infections knows, you don’t really pay attention to it. I teach martial arts to kids so I’m used to catching colds. Surgeons told me said that I would have died in the week if I had not gone to the hospital when I did it, “she confessed. And to add that one should not hesitate to consult in the event of sinus infections: “I don’t want you to go through what I went through. I’ve got half a head now and you can avoid that!”

An operation to reconstruct his skull soon planned!

Natasha drew her strength from the support of her parents Marty and Nicole, and her darling Joao. Today, the young woman is still recovering and is recovering little by little from these numerous surgeries. On April 12, the beautiful brunette could find her original skull, kept in the freezer, or receive a graft made by 3D printing: “I hope to find a normal life by the end of the year even if it has been tough. But I stay positive and try to take things with a sense of humor. I want to share my story and raise awareness so other people get the help they need before it hits. it’s too late. That’s all I care about now.”


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