His weight has always been a concern. Jane Mason knows this, for most of her adult life she has been alerted around it. But it was at the age of 56 that the fifty-year-old finally took saving measures.

Tipping the scales around 146 kilos, Jane had the displeasure to learn that she had type 2 diabetes, a particularly severe form pushing her to finally change her life and habits.

A new life

“Seeing the healthy woman in the mirror of the store, I have to look twice to check if it’s really me,” she told the Mirror newspaper. “It had been years since I had been able to confront myself with buying clothes, but now I have to buy a whole new wardrobe after losing 57 kilos,” she added. A radical change allowing Jane to regain control over her life-threatening illness.

Unable to diet

“I had been overweight all my life and had given up hope of being anything other than the fat woman everyone stared at on the street,” she recalled. The tallest in her class as a child, Jane was the only member of her family who was overweight. “My mother even took me to the hospital to see if there was a problem but there was none. I loved the food,” she explained. Jane went on diets regularly, signing up with programs such as Weight Watchers, but her willpower wore out after a few days.

constant hunger

“My wedding day should have been the happiest of my life, but I was really uncomfortable,” she said. “I had borrowed the size 50 dress that my cousin had worn but I had to wear a girdle to crash into it. I could barely breathe all day,” she lamented. His weight, Jane had always seen him fluctuate between 114 and 120 kilos during his adult life. But when her marriage fell apart a decade ago, she found comfort in food. “I ate take-out meals a few times a week, chocolate and cakes every day and fries with everything,” she said, adding that she was “hungry all the time.”

daily suffering

Exercise, Jane does not and cannot even do. “Walking was so uncomfortable, I couldn’t even cross my legs,” she lamented. “Some days, I couldn’t bear to leave the house because I hated the way I looked,” she said afterwards. The pandemic is complicating things. “I spent the confinements at home with the youngest of my two sons, Frankie, 23, who has learning difficulties” she revealed. “It was miserable and I ate more than ever. I reached a historic weight of 146 kilos. Jane must also use a cream to soothe the sores caused by the chafing of the skin on her thighs, belly and breasts. With no energy left, Jane spends most of her time sleeping on her sofa, only getting up to cook before returning to her sofa with cookies.

Lizard venom injections

But in October 2022, Jane, at the insistence of one of her cousins, goes to see a doctor. After tests, he tells her that she has type 2 diabetes. It’s a shock. “I left his office in tears,” she recalled. Understanding that her life is now in danger and that all kinds of side effects can happen to her, Jane is referred to a specialist, Dr. Saqib Mahmud. He then prescribed a daily treatment and a special injection of Ozempic, every two weeks. Jane does not know yet that this injection is based on a substance mimicking the venom hormone of the Gila monster lizard.

Determined to change her life

When she finds out, Jane is horrified, more so when she sees the lizard in the picture. However, determined to change her life, Jane performs her first injection. From there, his life changes. “I didn’t feel constantly hungry and when I was cooking my meals, I could only have a few bites and I felt full. It was weird,” she noted. Jane now feels drawn to salads and can’t stand fried foods anymore. His consumption of chocolate also drops drastically. “It was like having a gastric band but without surgery,” she commented. A month after starting her injections, Jane has already lost 6.3 kilos.

Thank the giant lizard

Feeling “like a new woman”, she also changes her daily life, taking her two grandchildren aged four and six to the park, which she could not do before. A year later, Jane has lost 57 kilos and this weight loss continues. Having reached 95 kilos, Jane is now aiming for a weight around 76 kilos more in line with her height. “Being able to buy new clothes in smaller sizes is something I never imagined I could do but I love it,” she said. Happy with her new appearance that loses her “fitting in” when she goes out, she is also happy to see her diabetes under control. “I’m only allowed to take the injections for another year,” she said, adding, “Hopefully by then my diet will be set for life.” In conclusion, Jane said “I can’t imagine going back to who I was. I am so grateful to Dr Mahmud for putting me on injections, but most of all I owe my thanks to a giant lizard”.

TESTIMONY I lost 57 kilos thanks to the venom of a lizard


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