When her husband announced to her that he finally did not want children, Ashley Rogers did not hesitate to leave him after 10 years of marriage.

Ashley Rogers and her partner have always dreamed of expanding their family. But the couple ran into some sad hurdles. “We tried to have a baby but unfortunately it never happened for us and I had two miscarriages,” the young woman told The Sun. At the time, the 30-year-old had to face a terrible dilemma when her husband told her that he finally did not want children after ten years of marriage: “It was prohibitive for me. So I had a huge decision to make but I knew how much I wanted to be a mom so I decided to divorce in June 2020.

After in vitro fertilization failed, Ashley bought sperm from an anonymous donor and inseminated herself in February 2021. A procedure that finally paid off! Happier than ever to be pregnant, the future mother was sometimes sad to experience this pregnancy alone. But all her doubts were swept away when her baby boy, a boy named Aiden James, peeked out nine months later: “Although it would have been nice to have someone by my side to hold my hair when I used to vomit during my pregnancy or to drive me to my medical appointments, I’m so glad I chose this path.”

She does not regret having divorced after 10 years of marriage

Following the birth of her son, Ashley often wondered if she had made the right choice in leaving her husband after 10 years of marriage. And for good reason, her companion had a large family unlike her who, in addition to being an only child, lost her mother during her pregnancy. But despite her fears at the idea of ​​being a single mother, the 30-year-old clarified that she had no regrets: “Aiden is an adorable and very cuddly baby. Things were very simple with him. really grateful because it made this experience easier. I wouldn’t change my life for anything in the world.”

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