It took two days for this mother to learn of her son’s death… by text message!

In November 2021, police were called to a West Cliff flat in Preston, a Lancashire county town in England. Upon arrival, officers found Robert Lee Wareing dead. According to information reported by the Daily Mirror, the 23-year-old boy spent the night drinking with two men. The next morning, they tried to wake him up before realizing he had died in his sleep. According to the conclusions of the judicial investigation, the victim had consumed a high dose of cocaine and heroin in the hours preceding his death, in addition to being in a state of deep intoxication. The combination of drugs and alcohol caused respiratory arrest.

At the material time, Detective Chris Wellard interviewed Ernie Cottam and Rollo Seagal, the two men who spent the evening with Robert. They gave similar testimony. According to their revelations, the twenty-something went to bed around 5 a.m. He snored very loudly for an hour then stopped around 9:30. Both men could hear his breathing becoming labored. They tried to wake him up but soon noticed that his skin was blue and he wasn’t breathing. It was already too late. After several toxicological tests, the autopsy showed that the 23-year-old had a lethal amount of pregabalin, an antiepileptic, in his body, in addition to the drugs.

His mother learns of his death by text message two days after the tragedy

Robert’s mother was totally unaware that her son had died. Two days after the tragedy, one of her friends texted her asking for the date of the funeral: “I was at work and got a text that said ‘I’m so sorry for Robert’. When I finished my day, I had a missed call and a text that said ‘So sorry, can you tell me when the funeral is?’ So for two days, I was going to work, living my life, and my son was dead.” Shocked, Inspector Wellard apologized to her for how she learned of this terrible news and she thanked him. At the time, he had however asked an officer to go to her house but this was never done.

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