It is online that a woman came to confide, explaining that she had not managed not to burst out laughing when her friend had announced the name of her baby. A reaction that today, she deeply regrets.

It was a spontaneous and unpredictable reaction but one that caused real unease between two close friends. On a Reddit forum, a 29-year-old woman told how meeting her friend’s newborn baby had turned into a nightmare.

Visiting the 27-year-old mother in the hospital, she did not expect this first meeting to damage their relationship. She reported in her message “My friend did not tell anyone if she was expecting a boy or a girl and even wanted the baby’s name to be a surprise”. And it was indeed the case…

A hurtful reflex

“At the hospital, we discovered that she had a baby boy” she continued “While she was rocking him, she said to us” Here are the friends, it is English”. Surprised by the original but also improbable nature of the first name chosen by her friend, the young woman began to laugh “I couldn’t help it at that time” she confessed “It was like a reflex. I laughed” thinking that her friend is playing a prank on her. “She looked at me and I knew she was serious.” Her laughter stops instantly “It was just awkward after that. She didn’t say much but I could feel she was hurt.” Seeking to lighten the mood, she tries to steer the conversation to other topics “I tried to make small talk about work and stuff but couldn’t wait to get out of there.” The damage is done…

Multiple teasing

“Right after we left, my friend told me I was stupid and should have apologized,” she added, continuing, “I feel bad, but I don’t think I was stupid. At least that was not my intention.” A few days later, she apologized to her friend, clarifying the situation and allowing their friendship to resume its course. “However I also learned from her sister that I was not the first person to offend her,” she said. “Her brothers and sister teased her about it a few hours after the baby was born. . She said it was her boyfriend’s idea.” With hindsight, she understood what her reaction, together with those of her family, had surely been the final straw. On the Reddit forum, other members also went there with their thoughts “The mother is stupid to have given her child such a ridiculous name. Believe me, it’s not the last time someone will laugh about it” noted a first, adding “Poor boy” while another declared “For my part, I hate stupid baby names and people don’t seem to understand. Maybe the teasing will prompt her to rename her baby.” A third concluded, “Mother and child better get used to having bad reactions to the name now because it will happen even more in the future.”

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