The eccentric entrepreneur has made a fortune with his former company Braintree, an internet and mobile payment company. The same company bought Venmo before being bought by Paypal, specifies the article of May 23, 2023 of Daily Express US. Bryan Johnson’s goal is to stay young forever through plasma transfusions. Before, the millionaire had appealed to a young anonymous blood donor on several occasions for his plasma injections.

Recently, he has not been satisfied with the blood of a third person. Indeed, the entrepreneur has decided to involve his son Talmage, from whom a liter of blood was taken, or one fifth of the total volume of blood in the human body. The collected blood is separated into plasma, red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets using a technological machine. The plasma is then injected into the veins of Johnson who hopes to rejuvenate by repairing his old blood. Bryan Johnson is a firm believer in the plasma transfer that he implicated another family member last month.

The world’s first multigenerational plasma exchange

The American millionaire called on his 70-year-old father Richard to transfer blood samples between three generations. Richard, Bryan Johnson’s father, and Talmage, his son, traveled to Resurgence Wellness in Texas. This is where Talmage had 1 liter of blood drawn to donate to his father and grandfather. Bryan Johnson shared a photo of himself and his shirtless son holding a vial of blood on Instagram. “My son, my father and I performed the world’s first multigenerational plasma exchange,” he captioned his post.

TESTIMONY. "I inject myself with the blood of my teenage son to achieve eternal youth"

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