On their first date, in August 2017, Kelly Anne had chosen a velvet dress, because she wanted her partner, Anthony Ferraro, who is blind, to be able to feel her outfit if she couldn’t see it. This attentive gesture, full of finesse, had upset the young man then 22 years old. “No one had ever done that for me,” he recalls. So when it came time to plan their wedding, four years of romance later, Kelly Anne immediately decided that her wedding dress would be the most beautiful thing her future husband had ever touched.

“I wanted to give him a rare emotion, so I looked for a designer with whom to build a ‘tactile’ dress, full of small details and different textures. I wanted him to ‘feel’ my appearance and, in a way, ‘see’ how beautiful I had made myself for him that day”, says the young videographer of 25 years. After several weeks of research, the bride-to-be sets her sights on Loulette Bride, a bridal boutique in Brooklyn, New York, founded by two friends advocating for sustainability and inclusivity.

“With this dress, I created a ‘visual’ memory of the day of our union in his home”

Together, they imagine many ingenious ways to delight Anthony, and design a model full of sensuality: long, sleeveless to touch the skin, covered with sculpted lace patterns on the top of the dress, fitted with a delicate velvet waistband, adorned with soft cotton flowers on the chest and back, then surrounded by a network of vaporous tulle all over the bottom. October 2, 2021 is the day of the wedding and, for Anthony, it is the explosion.

“When Kelly joined me at the altar, says the 26-year-old musician, speaker and Paralympic judoka, she immediately put my hands on her dress. I was blown away and started crying. tactile is really important to me. It creates an image in my head of what you look like. And there, Kelly looked like an angel.” “I was in heaven! confirms the bride. He was deeply moved to feel me like that, and his reaction made me feel even more beautiful than if he had actually seen me. With this dress, I I created in him a “visual” memory of the day of our union. It made him deeply happy. And his happiness is mine.”

The best gift for Anthony? See his wife!

Movingly, when he saw his wife with his fingers, the newlywed hugged her and whispered, “Reminds me of our first date.” Although he could not see their big day, Anthony was able to enjoy the day, his friends, his wife, but also, after the fact, the audio recordings captured around the event. The one he prefers? The moment Kelly Anne first put on the dress she had designed for him.

“When she put it on, she started crying and said, ‘This is the perfect dress.’ I also cried while listening to the video“, he confides. There is no love, there are only proofs of love, they say. For their wedding day, Kelly Anne managed to demonstrate it, by offering her blind darling the greatest gift: the fact of seeing her.

Kelly Anne Ferraro and Anthony Ferraro © INSTAGRAM ANTHONY S. FERRARO

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