For some parents, choosing a first name for their child is a real headache. Should it be originality or classicism? This is the question posed by a future mother, who launched a great debate on Reddit. “Is it weird to baptize your baby as yourself?” she asked internet users. And to explain: “I think too much about baby names, and I thought that if everyone hates every idea that I come up with or that I invent myself, I better use my own name. , right? Men do it all the time so I can call my future daughter after me?”

The mum-to-be continued, “My name is Kayla but I would find it weird to have another Kayla at home. So maybe Kayla Jillian? Someone please help me before stress doesn’t overwhelm me.” Internet users reacted strongly on the forum. Several of them encouraged her to choose a variation of her first name such as Michaela. “I did. My name is Margaret, they call me Maggie and I baptized my daughter Maisie, a different diminutive of Margaret (…) Personally, I don’t see the problem if your partner is up for it said a mother.

Using your own first name for your child? A divisive choice

For others, it’s a bad idea. “I will not give your baby your name. Men do it all the time, but I judge them every time. I am very attached to my name because it is MY name and my identity, and I would like my child has the same feeling with his. After all, the purpose of a name is to identify you and distinguish you from others, and giving him the same name as you does not accomplish that,” one person said. Another chimed in, “I’ve heard a lot of stories about people being juniors or fifths, and legally speaking it was an absolute nightmare. For mail or credits or insurance.”

TESTIMONY I hesitate to give my own name to my baby


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