Unexpected but true! A young woman is persuaded to be hit on by her boyfriend’s grandmother.

Erin* is currently in a more disturbing situation than ever. The young woman is convinced that her boyfriend’s grandmother is making advances to her. In an attempt to find a solution to her problem, she sent a letter to Deidre Sanders, journalist and life coach for the British daily The Sun. “I am a 25-year-old woman and my other half is 28. Her grandmother told us that we could move into her place while waiting to save up to rent an apartment. She is 67 years old. She started telling me that I Was beautiful but her remarks became more sexual,” she wrote.

The situation continued to worsen. According to Erin, her boyfriend’s grandmother looked for excuses to get close to her: “Sometimes she tells me that I have fluff on my butt and takes it away. Other times, she bumps into me when she walks past me to wash her hands in her cramped kitchen when she’s just done it.” More and more uncomfortable, the young woman has already caught the sexagenarian staring at her chest. Unfortunately for her, her darling does not seem to believe it: “My boyfriend tells me that I am making up my mind and we have been arguing a lot more since I told him about it.”

A necessary clarification with the grandmother

Deidre Sanders urged Erin to clear things up with her boyfriend’s grandma: “She may not realize she’s behaving inappropriately but you need to firmly ask her to respect your space staff.” But the British journalist did not stop there. She also suggested to the young woman to do everything to no longer find herself alone with the sexagenarian. “As you chat, ask her questions about her social life and encourage her to make new friends. That way, her attention to you should be focused elsewhere,” she concluded.

*Name has been changed.

TESTIMONY I have the impression that my boyfriend's grandmother is making advances to me ©

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