Morgan Mandriota who suffers from sexsomnia, a largely unknown condition akin to sleepwalking but involving sexual acts, has revealed how this condition can have embarrassing consequences…

It is a rare type of parasomnia, a sleep disorder that takes on the main features of sleepwalking but leads to another variety of behaviors that may seem strange to those around you…

Morgan Mandriota is one of those very rare people who suffer from sexsomnia, a form of sleepwalking that involves sexual acts. Recently, she reflected on her amazing experiences…

Sexsomnia, a rare disease

In a study conducted in 2017 on 16,000 patients, only 17 cases of sexsomnia were noted, underlining the rarity of this sleeping disorder. This same study also revealed that in 47% of patients, there was a history of sleepwalking and/or night terrors. In general, most people suffering from this sleeping sickness do not remember anything, neither their actions nor their words, once awake. Some sexsomniacs may wake up particularly confused. What exactly happens during their particular somnambulism? Masturbation, sexual vocalizations, touching a partner, initiating intercourse with him and even experiencing a spontaneous orgasm while continuing to sleep.

Evocative moans

Morgan Mandriota told the New York Post that she had experienced an episode of sexsomnia with a friend but had no idea when she woke up what had happened during the night. During her stay, Morgan moaned so loudly in her sleep that her friend’s entire family woke up, all thinking the two women were having sex. In the early morning, Morgan had woken up not knowing that she had been having this nocturnal behavior. It was not until the next evening, when her friend texted her, that Morgan learned of the noises she had made during the night, leaving the young woman very embarrassed.

Various causes

Research around sexsomnia indicates that a variety of factors can be responsible for it such as stress, lack of sleep and even exhaustion. Some sexsomniacs experience the effects of this disorder more strongly. In Morgan’s case, it indicated that several times a month she woke up masturbating. Although sexsomnia is rare, it can be managed by starting an open conversation with your partner about it, as the issue of consent can quickly become problematic. Others choose to sleep in separate beds or even separate rooms depending on the frequency of their nocturnal experiences. On the medical side, treatments can be offered but often therapy is a recommended option to understand the reasons for this disorder.

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