A role model in the world of vintage modeling, Emmerald Barwise has spoken candidly about her issues with defecation. If everyone is looking forward to going there at least once a day, for her it can take weeks. Emmerald, 36, from Wrexham, Wales, has a feces phobia. Before the tragic event of her fainting in the middle of a photo shoot, the model even thought that avoiding going to the bathroom for weeks was “normal”. She is worried now that she knows that long periods of constipation can have disastrous consequences.

Doctors tested Emmerald’s stool, results showed it contained bacteria associated with anxiety, low mood and ADHD. Emmerald recounted that she began to suffer from severe bloating before passing out while working on set after avoiding the toilet for two weeks, The Sun reports in its February 8, 2023 article. Emmerald Barwise gave details about his phobia on Know Your S***: Inside Our Guts. “I don’t go to the toilet often,” she said, before adding, “I don’t like using other people’s toilets, I’m shy.”

Dietician teaches model how to poop properly

Her feces phobia has affected her daily life for a long time. “When I’ve been out with people in the past, it’s been really hard to find excuses to go to the bathroom,” said the fainted. The professional model also claimed she could look pregnant on set when it’s due to not going to the bathroom for weeks. Sophie Medlin, a dietician on the show, suggested Emerald limit foods such as garlic and onion, which can cause some people to feel uncomfortable fullness to reduce her bloating. And to help him defecate more easily, Sophie suggested Emmerald change the way she sits on the toilet and prefer squatting to sitting.

TESTIMONY. "I have excrement phobia, I passed out after two weeks without a bowel movement"

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