In matters of the heart, decisions can sometimes lead us down complicated paths. This is the case of this truck driver. The latter finds himself entangled in a web of relationships with a wife and two girlfriends, one of whom is expecting his child. This situation has left him in limbo as to who he should engage with. Faced with this dilemma, he is now seeking advice on how to navigate this predicament. The man in question recently opened up to Laura, an adviser, in the columns of the Metro newspaper, in search of advice.

Laura suggests that if the pregnant girl decides to keep the baby and the child is indeed hers, he should help her financially. So the first step is to have a conversation with her. She explains, “So the first thing to do is to sit her down, explain to her that you don’t intend to be her long-term partner, and figure out if she’s really ready to live the life of a parent. isolated.” Also, the man still claims to have feelings for his wife. According to Laura, he therefore needs to be honest with her about the pregnant girl. Her partner might understand the situation, but she might also end it. any hope of reconciliation “on the spot”. She says: “In case she wants to try again, couples therapy could help you save your marriage.” As for the girl he sees as part of his job as a driver, Laura recommends that he end their relationship immediately.” Until you address the first two issues, you’re not ready to commit, and frankly, she deserves better. Do not contact her unless in the future you are free to be a faithful and responsible boyfriend.

One man, several women and a size dilemma

Managing multiple relationships is a complex and emotional challenge. By being honest, transparent and accountable, this truck driver could untangle this situation and move forward responsibly according to Laura. “Try to get out of it, one problem at a time, and start acting like an adult,” the counselor concludes.

TESTIMONY I have a wife, two girlfriends and a huge dilemma


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