Promoting bodypositive, Chi gained thousands of subscribers on her TikTok account by revealing, in short videos, how she had learned and managed to assume her protruding navel on a daily basis.

Loving your body as it is, assuming its imperfections, its differences, its shapes, its marks, its scars… It is a strong message that Chi, a young woman present on TikTok, broadcasts in her videos posted on this site. social network.

Displaying her protruding navel, Chi does not hesitate to wear crop tops revealing her silhouette and this difference that she has learned to love over the years.

To love yourself

Convincing her subscribers to love their body in all its natural splendor, and changing the way others look at other people’s differences, this is the strong message that Chi is trying to convey on her TikTok account. Regularly, the young woman posts dance clips to her more than 248,000 subscribers. Clips where she appears, exuding self-confidence, sure of herself and her body, and in which her amazing navel is never hidden. ” Perfect body. Love yourself” she captioned one of her videos or even “Self-confidence, the real me” while placing her hands on her hips and declaring “I am in love with myself”.

Inspire others

Love yourself to accept that others love you, a mantra applied wonderfully by Chi who has accumulated more than 3.5 million likes on his TikTok account, often inundated with complimentary messages from his subscribers. Thus, it was easy to read under his videos “You are beautiful, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise” or “You are a beautiful young woman” or “Gorgeous girl”. Others raved about the acceptance of her physique, “It’s great that you accepted yourself! while another person noted, “I’m in love with your confidence.” Although Chi has remained silent on the cause of her protruding navel, others have been quick to speculate on it, with one stating, “It’s an umbilical hernia. Anyone who has ever heard of a hernia that has never been treated. Yes, I’m sure that’s it.”


Lara T.
Lara T.

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